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ThirdFi, the new web3 infrastructure protocol is on a mission to onboard the next billion people to decentralized finance and freedom of money. We are thrilled to see that thousands of Alpha Builders have gathered over the last few weeks since we launched! And today ThirdFi is introducing its Level-up community incentive program! 


Bring your technical, writing, or communication skills to the next level and earn rewards in ThirdFi’s Level-up community incentive program! ThirdFi invites all web3 builders, and enthusiasts to join, contribute and grow the protocol and ecosystem together.


We want to make sure each individual will have the chance to grow their skills, have the recognition that they or deserve, and get rewarded for their contribution. 

What is Level up with ThirdFi?

Level-up with ThirdFi is a community incentive program for people in DeFi with different backgrounds. We aim to create a space for developers and non-developers to showcase their skills and challenge themselves to level up to earn more rewards. 

Who should participate: 

Whether you are a developer, a DeFi enthusiast, or an investor, all are welcome to be part of the DeFi ecosystem with ThirdFi! Nobody should be left out in the exciting era of the decentralized world that we all work for. Same as ThirdFi’s Level up community incentive program,  which is open to EVERYONE! We encourage you to join our community now and start to build with us and get rewarded! 

How does it work and how to participate:

We have two main types of level-up program set for two categories of community members: Developers and Non-Developers. Thus, you could choose the program to participate based on your skillset.

Each category has different levels with related tasks for you to complete. After completing the tasks set for each level , you will be able to get an NFT badge and role after the verification. You can continue to level up by completing more tasks and get the status update (NFT badge and discord role) as you go!

With regard to the token incentives, there will be a cut off date closer to TGE to determine the amount you will be getting based on which level you will be at.

Just a hint! The higher level you are in, the bigger rewards you will receive! 😉

Check out ThirdFi’s Level-up site in Notion for a complete guide on how to participate.


The ThirdFi’s Level-up community incentive program will be an on-going program and there will be two main phases: 1) Pre-TGE ,and 2) Post TGE. This is to make sure any community member who joins at any time has the fair opportunity to contribute and get the reward.

The reward details will be based on the level that you will reach, but overall the rewards will include:

⚡NFT badge based on your level (with minimal gas for minting)
⚡Discord role as your social status in the community
⚡INFRA Token incentive (Details of the token distribution will be announced soon)
⚡Other privileges and governance that will be unlocked

If you are ready to level up your skills with ThirdFi and earn rewards, visit this Wiki to learn the detailed instructions and rules.

As ThirdFi grows , we are rolling out different programs, campaigns, and events that you don’t want to miss. Join our community now to stay updated and hang out with other fellow ThirdFiers!

About ThirdFi

ThirdFi is a web3 infrastructure protocol focusing on multi-chain interoperability and middleware solutions with all-in-1 API. ThirdFi believes the future of finance will be powered by blockchain technologies and will focus on building innovative and easy-to-use solutions that prioritize accessibility, transparency, and best-in-class products for developers, fintech, and financial institutions. 

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Supercharge DeFi with ThirdFi⚡
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