ThirdFi Project Update: April 2023 Edition



“The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

Welcome Web3 builders! This month of April, we are still focused on building ThirdFi’s product and getting more builders to join the movement via different marketing initiatives. From new integrations to community programs and activities, we are proud to say that we are slowly making ThirdFi’s vision come to life.


  • Project Updates
    – ThirdFi on Celo Camp Camp Batch 7
    – Integration with Cronos and Conflux
  • Community Programs
    – ThirdFi’s Level Up Program
    – In-depth Report about Shanghai Upgrade and LSD by ThirdFi
    – WassupWeb3 and ThirdFi’s appearance on other Twitter Spaces
  • Media features
    – ThirdFi featured on Cointime
  • Coming Next in ThirdFi

About ThirdFi

ThirdFi in Celo Camp Batch 7

ThirdFi is honored and excited to be one of the 30 teams participating in Celo Camp’s Batch 7!

Celo Camp is an independent initiative run by entrepreneurs passionate about the potential for global financial inclusion, mass adoption of digital money & acceleration of startups that will build this vision.

Amidst stiff competition from 70 countries and 400+ applicants for batch 7, Thirdfi has emerged as one of the shortlisted teams. Our team is ready to take on this exciting journey with Celo, and we will surely make history!

Integrations with Cronos and Conflux Chain 

ThirdFi continues to expand protocol integration and grow the ecosystem together! For the month of April, we have integrated with Cronos and Conflux. Builders from these protocols can now explore ThirdFi API and help them build.

📃 For the complete announcements of the integrations, check these articles below: 

ThirdFi is committed to realizing its vision of becoming the indispensable infrastructure provider of web3 finance. To achieve this, it will persist in integrating with an expanding array of DeFi protocols and ecosystem players. 


Community Programs

ThirdFi’s Level-up Program

We are thrilled to see that thousands of Alpha Builders have gathered over the last few weeks since we launched! And today ThirdFi is introducing the Level-up community incentive program!

We are inviting everyone to bring their technical, writing, or communication skills to the next level and earn rewards in ThirdFi’s Level-up community incentive program! ThirdFi invites all web2 or web3 builders to join, contribute and grow the protocol and ecosystem here at ThirdFi.


The higher level you are in, the bigger rewards you will receive! 😉

Let’s talk about rewards…

The ThirdFi’s Level-up community incentive program will be an on-going program and there will be two main phases: 1) Pre-TGE ,and 2) Post TGE. This is to make sure any community member who joins at any time has a fair opportunity to contribute and get the reward.

The reward details will be based on the level that you will reach, but overall the rewards will include:

⚡NFT badge based on your level (with minimal gas for minting)

⚡Discord role as your social status in the community

⚡INFRA Token incentive (Details of the token distribution will be announced soon)

⚡Other privileges and governance that will be unlocked

Read this article to see the complete details on the tasks you can do and how you can join. We are excited to see your entries!


In-depth Report about Shanghai Upgrade and LSD by ThirdFi

This month of April, the DeFi community waited for the Shanghai Upgrade. The Shanghai Upgrade or Shapella is Ethereum’s most recent major update, to give validators the ability to withdraw staked coins. This could prompt a mass liquidation event or alternatively lead to a surge in new users which only time will tell.

At ThirdFi, we place a high value on making DeFi accessible to everyone. To further this goal, we have published a comprehensive report that explains the mechanics of Shapella and Liquid Staking Derivatives, as well as their long-term implications.

Check out this tweet to know how to get a copy of the report.


WassupWeb3 and ThirdFi’s appearance on other Twitter Spaces

ThirdFi has been creating some noise in Twitter Spaces! 

ThirdFi’s weekly Twitter Spaces – Wassup! Web3 – has been going amazing, and now a go to space for people in Web3 whenever there are trending news and topics! We have been gathering amazing guests and OGs in the space, and our community of web3 enthusiasts’ feedback has been incredible, with over 4k listeners for the three spaces we had in April.

🧵Key highlights  

    • We have invited OGs from the space, and they have given amazing insights and alphas in our first-ever space for the month of April, entitled “ZkSync, game changer for ETH?”

    • With over 2k listeners, one of the most important topics we discussed for this month is the “LSD and Shanghai Upgrade” where we discussed the upcoming Shapella and its possible effect. This space also has amazing guest speakers that explained the Shanghai Upgrade carefully to our audience. 

Join us every week for the hottest conversations, debates, and insights on web3. We are also giving away limited edition POAPs! You don’t want to miss this. 🔊🎙️

It gives us great pleasure to announce our participation in various Twitter Spaces throughout April. Please see the following list of spaces and notable highlights.

    • OKCNetwork’s Twitter Space on “Creating Values in Web3” has also invited our CEO, Victor Lee to be a guest speaker! This conversation has educated a lot of people in web3.

    • Lastly, together with MetaTrust Labs and CrossSpace Official, a “Web3 Talk on DeFi and Security” has been made. ThirdFi is one of the projects invited to share their insight about this important topic.

Media Features

An article entitled “ThirdFi, a Web3 Infrastructure Protocol With Building “Picks and Shovels”, Helps You Come to DeFi Easily” is now on Cointime!

Recently, we had an exclusive walk with Cointime Global where ThirdFi’s team revealed:

    • Project plans in the next 3-6 months,

    • How can retail users participate in the project,

    • The role of ThirdFi’s token

Learn more about ThirdFi’s vision, goals and the team in this article

It’s been an incredibly exciting and productive month for ThirdFi! We’ve gained a wealth of knowledge and insights that we can’t wait to share with the entire web3 community. From deepening our understanding of decentralized finance to exploring cutting-edge technologies, we’ve been at the forefront of it all. Get ready to be amazed by what we’ve accomplished! 🙌

Coming Next in ThirdFi

What’s next for the month of May in ThirdFi? 👀

We are giving everyone a sneak peek of what to watch out! Another big month in ThirdFi and we dedicate it to the web3 community.

Request for Builders (RFB) Season 2 

In ThirdFi’s company mission and DNA, we want to empower more developers to join our journey of onboarding the next billion people to decentralized finance and freedom of money. Aligning with the mission, ThirdFi team came up with the RFB (Request For Builders) initiative, which was a twist from the original term of RFP (Request For Proposal).

😎 Hold onto your hats, folks, following the resounding success of Season 1, we’re thrilled to announce the launching of Season 2.

This is a chance for us to take things to the next level and make an even greater impact on the world of decentralized finance. Are you ready to join us on this exciting journey? 💪


More Integrations

While the world was busy catching up with the groundbreaking work of ThirdFi, our team never stopped innovating and building behind the scenes. In May, we’ll be taking our mission to the next level with a slew of new integrations with even more DeFi protocols.

We are excited for the upcoming months ahead of us, and we are sure that we will ‘Supercharge DeFi with ThirdFi’ together! ⚡ Join us as we continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible in the exciting world of web3 finance!

About ThirdFi

ThirdFi is a web3 infrastructure protocol focusing on multi-chain interoperability and middleware solutions with all-in-1 API. ThirdFi believes the future of finance will be powered by blockchain technologies and will focus on building innovative and easy-to-use solutions that prioritize accessibility, transparency, and best-in-class products for developers, fintech, and financial institutions. 

Supercharge DeFi with ThirdFi⚡

Supercharge DeFi with ThirdFi⚡
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