ThirdFi and LearnWeb3 Join Forces to Onboard More Developers to Web3 Ecosystem

ThirdFi is excited to announce our partnership with LearnWeb3, a decentralized autonomous organization dedicated to educating and onboarding developers to the Web3 ecosystem. 

In line with ThirdFi’s mission to accelerate the next billion people to web3 finance. Making DeFi accessible by building “picks and shovels”. We have been actively engaging with all developers communities and developers development projects to join hands in accelerating the mission. 


Learnweb3 DAO is an established platform that offers education and resources for anyone interested in the Web3 ecosystem. The platform provides a supportive and inclusive environment for learners, making it easier for people to explore the Web3 space and gain a deeper understanding of its potential.


Through this partnership, ThirdFi will provide LearnWeb3 community with access to our comprehensive API solution, equipped with developer-friendly tools and innovative, secure options for Web3 development.With the shared goal to bring together a community of Web3 enthusiasts and experts who are committed to creating a more accessible and inclusive Web3 ecosystem.


“We are thrilled to partner with Learnweb3 to make Web3 more accessible and inclusive for developers. By leveraging our respective strengths, we aim to provide aspiring developers with the resources they need to succeed in the Web3 space. Together, our partnership will create a comprehensive developer onboarding program that offers aspiring developers the resources and support they need to succeed. We look forward to welcoming more developers to the Web3 community,” ThirdFi. 


LW3 quoted, “We are excited to announce our partnership with ThirdFi! Our goal is to enhance the Web3 ecosystem by providing developers with more opportunities to learn and work with a variety of protocols. Through this partnership, LearnWeb3 will share its blockchain education expertise with a larger audience and support ThirdFi’s mission to provide blockchain technologies to power the future of Finance! We are excited to witness the positive impact that this partnership will have on our students’ journey and ThirdFi’s growth.”

About ThirdFi

ThirdFi is a web3 infrastructure protocol focusing on multi-chain interoperability and middleware solutions with all-in-1 API. ThirdFi believes the future of finance will be powered by blockchain technologies and will focus on building innovative and easy-to-use solutions that prioritize accessibility, transparency, and best-in-class products for developers, fintech, and financial institutions. 

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About LearnWeb3

LearnWeb3 is an innovative ed-tech ecosystem that aims to make learning permission-less and collaborative. We strive to provide students with a flexible and interactive learning environment where they can explore and experiment with new concepts and ideas. Our community is driven by a passion for learning and a commitment to making education accessible to everyone. LearnWeb3 aims to be your go-to platform and companion in exploring the new frontier of the internet!

To learn more about  LearnWeb3, visit

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