ThirdFi Project Update: June 2023 Edition



Another month has passed and that only means we made another milestone in DeFi! This strives only gives bigger opportunities to web3 enthusiasts and developers. The market might not be the best we hope for, but we are creating a journey toward a bigger and better future. #WAGMI! 



Project Updates
   – ThirdFi joins the Chainlink Build Program
   – Partnership with LearnWeb3 DAO
   – WAGBI Grant
   – User status update

Community Programs
   – Campaigns with LearnWeb3 DAO

Coming Next in ThirdFi

Project Updates


We’re excited to announce that ThirdFi is officially joining the Chainlink BUILD program. As ThirdFi’s continue to grow, we are looking forward to continue the momentum with Chainlink BUILD program.

As part of BUILD, ThirdFi aim to accelerate ecosystem growth and long-term adoption of Web3 by gaining enhanced access to Chainlink’s industry-leading oracle services and technical support, as well as incentivizing greater cryptoeconomic security, in exchange for a commitment to provide network fees and other benefits to the Chainlink community and service providers, including stakers.


We are also proud to let everyone know that the news about ThirdFi joining Chainlink Build Program has been featured by the media! Check out the following articles below!

 Chainlink Weekly Roundup: ThirdFi, Lympid, Stella and Spring Hackathon👉 

ThirdFi Joins Chainlink BUILD To Accelerate DeFi Adoption 👉 


Partnership with LearnWeb3 DAO

ThirdFi is excited to announce our partnership with LearnWeb3, a decentralized autonomous organization dedicated to educating and onboarding developers to the Web3 ecosystem. 

In line with ThirdFi’s mission to accelerate the next billion people to web3 finance. Making DeFi accessible by building “picks and shovels”. We have been actively engaging with all developers communities and developers development projects to join hands in accelerating the mission. 

Check out this blog for the full story!


ThirdFi received a grant from the #WAGBI developer program! We’ll be using it to take ThirdFi to the next level with support from the Alchemy Platform. 

What is the #WAGBI Developer Program? 

Alchemy has a single grant program called WAGBI, which stands for “We’re All Gonna Build It”, consisting of a 25 million USD Developer Grant to support community developers building projects like DeFi protocols, NFT experiences, or any project that helps bring Web3 to the world.

ThirdFi’s User Status Update

Amazing progress for the month of June! Let’s celebrate another milestone as ThirdFi has reached 47,000+ users, 31% higher than last month! 

And, 974,000+ API requests, giving us a 50+% increase compared to last month. We are always one step closer to our goal of providing a much-needed solution to fill the gaps in the current web3 infrastructure as ‘picks and shovels’ of DeFi. 

Let’s continue the #buidl. Let’s Supercharge DeFi with ThirdFi!

Community Programs
Partnership Campaigns 

The month of June has been developer-focused with the help of our partner, LearnWeb3 Dao. We are really proud of our progress in #Web3 and #DeFi! 

Partnership Campaigns

In celebration of ThirdFi and LearnWeb3 DAO’s official partnership, we started it by giving out an exclusive OAT NFT! To get your own OAT NFT for free, all you have to do is to finish the social tasks included in this link:

This campaign will be running from June 9th to July 9th, 2023 and our goal is to get new members familiar with LearnWeb3 and ThirdFi.

Developer Workshop with LearnWeb3

Mini Courses Launch with LearnWeb3 DAO

On the 21st of June, we are proud to present our Mini Course launched on LearnWeb3 DAO’s platform!  This is an amazing milestone for ThirdFi and the Web3 community as LearnWeb3 DAO has created a training camp that pays you to learn. We are proud to be part of it. LFG! 

What are minis?

Minis are “bite-size” lessons that are short yet impactful— typically an introductory mini-lesson with a quiz. Learn more about minis here: 

Join now and be part of this history👉

Coming Next in ThirdFi

What’s next ThirdFi in July?

We are creating more strides and opportunities for every developer and enthusiast here in web3.

Request for Builders (RFB) Season 2 

In ThirdFi’s company mission and DNA, we want to empower more developers to join our journey of onboarding the next billion people to decentralized finance and freedom of money. Aligning with the mission, the ThirdFi team developed the RFB (Request For Builders) initiative, a twist from the original term of RFP (Request For Proposal). 


😎Hold onto your hats, folks, following the resounding success of Season 1, we’re thrilled to announce the launching of Season 2. This is a chance for us to take things to the next level and make an even greater impact on decentralized finance. Are you ready to join us on this exciting journey?💪

More Integrations and Partnerships

In a much smaller community in #web3, we will make sure to connect with like-minded projects to continue our mission and create an impactful experience for everyone. 

All of us will ‘Supercharge DeFi!’

About ThirdFi

ThirdFi is a web3 infrastructure protocol focusing on multi-chain interoperability and middleware solutions with all-in-1 API. ThirdFi believes the future of finance will be powered by blockchain technologies and will focus on building innovative and easy-to-use solutions that prioritize accessibility, transparency, and best-in-class products for developers, fintech, and financial institutions.

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